Introduction, Range of thallus structure, pigments, reproduction (1 hr) 2. Life cycle, Classification of Algae proposed by FE Fritsch (1935). (3 hrs) 3. General Features: Occurrence, thallus structure, reproduction, and life cycle of the types given below: (18 hrs) a. Cyanophyceae : Nostoc b. Chlorophyceae: Chlorella, Volvox, Oedogonium, Chara. c. Xanthophyceae: Vaucheria. d. Bacillariophyceae: Pinnularia. e. Phaeophyceae: Sargassum. f. Rhodophyceae: Polysiphonia. 4. Economic Importance: Algae as food, fodder, green manure, bio-fuels, pollution indicators, research tools, medicinal uses of algae, Commercial Products – carrageenin, agar-agar, alginates, diatomaceous earth. Harmful effects – water bloom, eutrophication, neurotoxins, parasitic algae.